03 May

Boost your bottles with augmented reality

As you sip on your favourite suds or devour a delicious wine, don’t be surprised if the bottle comes to life – those moving elements are a sign of augmented reality. As craft breweries and local wineries continue to pop up, the market is becoming saturated. Brands are looking for a new way to #OwnTheShelf, and incorporating technology into their labels is definitely one way to enhance visibility.

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23 Mar

How to #OwnTheShelf in 2017 with innovative wine and spirit labels

As consumer purchasing in the wine and spirits industry continues to flourish, the season is ripe to ensure your bottles are the ones that #OwnTheShelf. At Lorpon Labels, we firmly believe that your package is the face of your product—your first (and often only) chance to make an impression. So, in addition to communicating clearly, reflecting your brand and having visual appeal, your packaging should also be on trend with the rest of the market. Being able to stand up against the stiffest competition is how you’ll come to own that shelf space. read more