14 Dec

Use semi-automatic label applicators to showcase your best bottles

  • December 14, 2016
  • Blog

At Lorpon Labels, we can first-hand attest to how bottle applicators are a great cost-saving tool that benefit not only us—the labelers, but also you—our clients. While the initial investment into a bottle labeler may seem steep, if you’re looking to invest in one yourself, it pays off (literally) in the reduction of extra labour costs over time. In addition, a labeler’s speed and accuracy are top notch, resulting in up to 1,200 bottles labeled per hour with precise placement. It can also place front and back labels on the same bottle, as well as clear labels, allowing you to achieve that “no-label” look.

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06 Oct

Yongehurst Distillery

Individualized attention for an independent distillery

With a passion for spirits, history and hand-crafting everything, Yongehurst Distillery Company is a Toronto-based, independent spirit distillery. They experiment with flavours and science to bring a series of unique spirits to the city. Proudly crafting products using local ingredients is reflected in their brand. Their spirit bottles feature a map of Toronto coupled with labels in rich, sophisticated colours.

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29 Sep

The new trend for beer: Pressure-sensitive labels

  • September 29, 2016
  • Blog

Ontario’s craft beer industry is hopping! With more and more competitors bubbling to the surface, your beer can’s label is one of your most effective marketing tools. Rise above your competition with an eye-catching, pressure-sensitive (PS) label.

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05 Aug

How your product’s packaging affects buyer behavior

Consider all the different mediums you use to market your products. Which one would you say is most effective? We might be slightly biased but, if you ask us, a product’s packaging is one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal. Why? In the average 30-minute visit to a grocery store, a shopper is exposed to more than 20,000 brands. And, amongst all that noise, you need to stand out as number one. Here, we’ll help you understand the most important packaging elements that can compel consumers to pick up your product versus your competitors’.

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01 Jun

Large rewards from a small label manufacturer

  • June 01, 2016
  • Blog

As a business owner, you know how important brand recognition is for your business. Showcasing your company with excellence across all of your products is imperative to how both current and prospective clients will recognize you. And, the quality in which you present yourself, is what can ultimately set your product ahead of the competition on store shelves. When choosing a label manufacturer for your business, you may consider both big-brand and small- to medium-size producers. Let’s compare.


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23 Feb

Label adhesive primer: When to use different types of adhesives

  • February 23, 2016
  • Blog

Deciding which adhesive to choose is a regular conversation that happens with our clients. Our approach involves diving deep to understand the unique requirements of each application. There are literally hundreds of adhesive formulas available on the market from various label stock suppliers, and our team is prepared with a series of questions to help narrow down the list. From there, we come up with a recommendation or a short list of label constructions that can be tested under end-use conditions. As each application is often unique, testing label constructions under the exact conditions they will be used is important. Read on to find out how our team determines the correct adhesive.
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13 Jan

Battle of the brands: Let your product’s packaging be the equalizer

While small companies may not have the marketing dollars that large, established brands do, their products can still compete on a level playing field. How? When it comes to product packaging, it’s a head-to-head competition on store shelves and online. Although many business may see packaging as a cost to minimize, investing funds into what actually holds your product (i.e. the “silent salesperson”) might just be what edges your product ahead of its stiffest competitors.

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11 Dec

An overview – The Label Market

This month, Graphic Monthly published an article “An Overview: The Label Market” that focuses on the latest trends in the label market from the perspective of Canadian printers.  Along with industry colleagues, Jeff Sommer, VP Business Development at Lorpon Labels, spoke firsthand to the changes and strides being made in the industry.

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