26 Sep

Lorpon Labels will help you “own the shelf”

As a business owner, you know there’s a lot of competition out there. The trick is to be able to communicate quickly and effectively why your product is the best choice for your customers. It’s the same in the label business. With the addition of quick online printers to the larger printing houses, we know we’ve got to make a compelling business case. Let us show you why you want to work with Lorpon, and how our knowledge, expertise, and service will help you own the shelf.

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13 Aug

Leveraging labelling: New federal regulations offer brewers opportunity

It looks like the Canadian beer industry is the latest to be tapped for new federal regulations. Designed to bring market standards up-to-date and fuel innovation in an already flourishing sector, the new rules would also require labelling changes of Canadian brewers. The proposal is leaving some with a sour taste in their mouths, but at Lorpon Labels we see it differently. The perfect product deserves the perfect packaging and with our digital printing process, we can help you make any change a change for the better.

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14 Nov

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

Uniting kindred spirits among printing, product and design

At Kinsip House of Fine Spirits, life is worthy of celebrating the small moments as well as the grand. The distillery, located in Prince Edward County, Ont., crafts products that reflect and accentuate the quality of the moment. The owners and operators are rooted in an appreciation of family and the fulfillment found in building community. This sense of kinship is something that unites their craft and the work behind the scenes: everything from production and design work to packaging and labels.

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30 Jun

Henderson Brewing Company

Brewing the best labels for the best beer

Henderson Brewing company is a locally owned, award winning, neighbourhood brewery in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2014, Henderson is all about celebrating the stories and culture of the city through the beers they brew. The company was founded by friends sharing a lifelong love of beer, a commitment to quality, fun and experimentation. These traits extend to their product labels.

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23 Mar

How to #OwnTheShelf in 2017 with innovative wine and spirit labels

As consumer purchasing in the wine and spirits industry continues to flourish, the season is ripe to ensure your bottles are the ones that #OwnTheShelf. At Lorpon Labels, we firmly believe that your package is the face of your product—your first (and often only) chance to make an impression. So, in addition to communicating clearly, reflecting your brand and having visual appeal, your packaging should also be on trend with the rest of the market. Being able to stand up against the stiffest competition is how you’ll come to own that shelf space. read more

13 Mar

Wine labels that #OwnTheShelf at LCBO

  • March 13, 2017
  • Blog

Two of the Lorpon Labels leadership team, Jeff Sommer, VP Business Development and Murray Ditchburn, VP Sales, went on a ‘field trip’ to Ontario’s liquor store, the LCBO, last week to see which wine labels grabbed their attention and simply #OwnTheShelf.  Here is a summary of what they found.

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31 Jan

Stand-out labels are key to setting yourself apart in 2017


As technology and the Internet continue to impact purchasing decisions and buyer behaviours, brands need to showcase their best self (on every shelf) now more than ever. In 2017, we predict that product packaging and labels will speak volumes, and will speak louder than ever before in order to stand out at every possible point of purchase.
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14 Dec

Use semi-automatic label applicators to showcase your best bottles

  • December 14, 2016
  • Blog

At Lorpon Labels, we can first-hand attest to how bottle applicators are a great cost-saving tool that benefit not only us—the labelers, but also you—our clients. While the initial investment into a bottle labeler may seem steep, if you’re looking to invest in one yourself, it pays off (literally) in the reduction of extra labour costs over time. In addition, a labeler’s speed and accuracy are top notch, resulting in up to 1,200 bottles labeled per hour with precise placement. It can also place front and back labels on the same bottle, as well as clear labels, allowing you to achieve that “no-label” look.

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06 Oct

Yongehurst Distillery

Individualized attention for an independent distillery

With a passion for spirits, history and hand-crafting everything, Yongehurst Distillery Company is a Toronto-based, independent spirit distillery. They experiment with flavours and science to bring a series of unique spirits to the city. Proudly crafting products using local ingredients is reflected in their brand. Their spirit bottles feature a map of Toronto coupled with labels in rich, sophisticated colours.

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29 Sep

The new trend for beer: Pressure-sensitive labels

  • September 29, 2016
  • Blog

Ontario’s craft beer industry is hopping! With more and more competitors bubbling to the surface, your beer can’s label is one of your most effective marketing tools. Rise above your competition with an eye-catching, pressure-sensitive (PS) label.

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