01 Jun

Leveraging cause marketing on your labels

  • June 01, 2018
  • Blog

Social responsibility is the new norm for brands. Customers who visit your website and see your marketing materials want to know that you’re doing more than just selling a product or service. Brands that share a consumer’s desire to make the world a better place, and in turn support a worthwhile cause, are the ones who shine. Want to take your cause marketing a step further? With digital printing, you can showcase cause marketing efforts on your product label directly. The result? Not only will you immediately engage your audience in the initiative, but you can also #OwnTheShelf among your competitors.

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30 Jun

Henderson Brewing Company

Brewing the best labels for the best beer

Henderson Brewing company is a locally owned, award winning, neighbourhood brewery in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2014, Henderson is all about celebrating the stories and culture of the city through the beers they brew. The company was founded by friends sharing a lifelong love of beer, a commitment to quality, fun and experimentation. These traits extend to their product labels.

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06 Oct

Yongehurst Distillery

Individualized attention for an independent distillery

With a passion for spirits, history and hand-crafting everything, Yongehurst Distillery Company is a Toronto-based, independent spirit distillery. They experiment with flavours and science to bring a series of unique spirits to the city. Proudly crafting products using local ingredients is reflected in their brand. Their spirit bottles feature a map of Toronto coupled with labels in rich, sophisticated colours.

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03 Nov

The Power of Variable Content

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using variable content in their marketing. For the uninitiated, variable content is a digital printing process that, in a single print run, inserts combinations of names, images and other information. The main benefit is creating something that has more meaning to a buyer.

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27 Oct

Myth #2: All digital print technology is the same

  • October 27, 2015
  • Blog

In the world of digital print, the technologies aren’t “one size fits all.” There are significant differences in print output, as a direct result of which technology is used. These include various forms of inkjet, thermography, electrophotography and electrostatic printing, with the two most common technologies being electrophotography and inkjet.

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23 Oct

Myth #1: The quality of digital printing is poor

  • October 23, 2015
  • Blog

Like all technologies, printing continues to evolve. And, in fact, there was a time when digital printing produced a low-quality product. However, more recently, digital printing has surpassed offset printing as a speedier, cheaper and less-wasteful alternative.

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