21 Feb

Brewers: Expand your packaging options with labels

  • February 21, 2019
  • Blog

If you’re a brewer, chances are you’ve experienced some challenges with beer sleeves along your journey. Sleeves definitely have their place in the market, but the packaging is limited in look-and-feel, has high set-up costs for the plates, requires large minimum orders, and can take forever to arrive. If you don’t time things exactly right, your brew could be going flat in the tank while you wait.
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13 Aug

Leveraging labelling: New federal regulations offer brewers opportunity

It looks like the Canadian beer industry is the latest to be tapped for new federal regulations. Designed to bring market standards up-to-date and fuel innovation in an already flourishing sector, the new rules would also require labelling changes of Canadian brewers. The proposal is leaving some with a sour taste in their mouths, but at Lorpon Labels we see it differently. The perfect product deserves the perfect packaging and with our digital printing process, we can help you make any change a change for the better.

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03 May

Boost your bottles with augmented reality

As you sip on your favourite suds or devour a delicious wine, don’t be surprised if the bottle comes to life – those moving elements are a sign of augmented reality. As craft breweries and local wineries continue to pop up, the market is becoming saturated. Brands are looking for a new way to #OwnTheShelf, and incorporating technology into their labels is definitely one way to enhance visibility.

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17 Jan

New Limburg Brewing Co.

New labels to withstand the elements for New Limburg

New Limburg Brewing Co. is a family company making Belgian style ales. Based out of Norfolk County, Ont., father and son – Jo and Mischa Geven – started brewing as a hobby. The beer was a hit with friends and family. Having moved from Limburg in the Netherlands to Limburg in Belgium, they had come to appreciate the Belgian style beer. Inspired, they decided to try and recreate that beer culture in their business. New Limburg was born.

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30 Jun

Henderson Brewing Company

Brewing the best labels for the best beer

Henderson Brewing company is a locally owned, award winning, neighbourhood brewery in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2014, Henderson is all about celebrating the stories and culture of the city through the beers they brew. The company was founded by friends sharing a lifelong love of beer, a commitment to quality, fun and experimentation. These traits extend to their product labels.

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