Ever switched from your go-to brand because a beautifully designed bottle caught your eye? You’re not alone. Labels are a big part of what gets your bottle off the shelf and into the shopping cart.

Quality spirits call for quality labels. Options that communicate the craft and skill that has gone into creating your product include:

  • Premium label papers and finishes
  • Digital printing with personalization options so you can display a different image on every bottle Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Screen-printed high build texture effects
  • Enhancements like raised textures, high-opacity highly pigmented inks, glitter, and matte or glossy varnishes
  • Clear films for the no-label look
  • Aquashield, to ensure your paper labels can withstand hours in an ice bucket without degrading
  • Wash-away adhesives for recyclables
  • Unique, intricate die shapes and sizes for a custom, creative, or novelty look
  • Elasti-Tag hang tags for additional or seasonal messaging
Online retailing: How to#owntheshelf, even if it’s digital

Online retailing: How to#owntheshelf, even if it’s digital

A lot of thought goes into the decisions that will entice your customers to stop, look, and reach for your products, and we go to great lengths to make sure that they’ll like what they find. If you’re wondering about how to #owntheshelf, even if it’s digital, read on.

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Dairy Distillery

Dairy Distillery

Science and environmentalism meet artisanship  If you were to drive through the scenic mill town of Almonte on the Mississippi River near Ottawa, Ontario, you’d see all the usual markers of a...

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