Whether it’s launching your brand or increasing market share, getting ahead of the competition or finding a way to work within a limited budget, we work with you to understand your challenges – and find solutions that build your brand. We don’t just make labels. We solve problems.



  • Sell your products
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Get your products to market faster
  • Increase sales
  • Build your brand
  • Let you be more environmentally friendly

Sticky point: The competition is outselling us.

Solution: The quality of your packaging speaks directly to the quality of your product. A premium label will make your product appear premium as well, making it more appealing to customers than the competitor’s brand.

Sticky point: We’re in a saturated market and don’t know how to get noticed.

Solution: Packaging offers a HUGE possibility for differentiation. Colours, customization, textures, glitter, varnishes, eco-friendly options, no-label looks and more give you packaging options that catch the eyes of customers.

Sticky point: I need to get to market FAST.

Solution: Tight timeframes are never a problem. We operate 24/7, and have exceptional shipping and logistics capabilities to get your labels out there with a turnover of as little as one day.

Sticky point: We don’t have the budget for fancy printing.

Solution: Even if you’re a home-based business, you’d be surprised how affordable printing with us can be. Our high-volume presses reduce per-unit price significantly, making it comparable to printing at home or at an office supply place – with much higher quality results.

  • TAGS

First impressions count. Labels are the face of your product and an extension of your brand.

We offer thousands of product label and packaging label options to make your items stand out on-shelf. From traditional paper labels to clean, minimalist no-label looks, metalized finishes to unbelievable personalization options, the possibilities for incredible packaging are virtually unlimited.

Plastic and paper multilayer structures offer barrier protection, enhance shelf life, and work beautifully on filling lines. Plus, every package is branded beautifully in full colour.

Flexible packaging is the largest growing segment in the market. It uses less material than rigid packaging, takes up less space in shipping, is incredibly cost-effective to produce and has a higher profit margin for brands. Plus, it can be printed digitally, so your customization options per individual package are virtually unlimited.

Smaller format flexible packaging is ideal for printed wrappers, pre-packaged items for lunches and snacks (think kids’ snacks, portion-controlled servings, tea wraps), cosmetic samples, travel sizes, and more.

People experience packaging using multiple senses. Yes, impactful visuals are important – without them, your product might never get picked up off the shelf. But after it has been picked up, that’s where tactile appeal comes into play.

Once people touch something, they’re more likely to buy it. Premium paper or a textured label adds an extra level of interaction – and offers the differentiation your product needs to stand out.

Embossing, raised textures, glitter, soft-touch, gloss/matte finishes, textured varnishes (i.e. sandy), thermal chromatic inks (which change with body heat), scratch and sniff, glow-in-the-dark, scratch-and-reveal, spot UV…the options are endless.

Whether you need a straight-up retail clothing tag or a heavy-duty solution that won’t fade or peel in an industrial or outdoor application, talk to us and we’ll create an option that meets your needs and enhances your brand.

Industrial tags (e.g. informational tags in a nursery), retail tags, lumber tags, produce tags, fisheries tags.

Wrap skids, tables, shelving and POP displays in your brand colours and logos. It’s a great approach to getting more eyes on your product in-store, and an excellent way to build brand recognition and engagement.

Enhance your brand by helping the consumer make a personal connection with your product.

Digital printing lets you make each individual label unique. Offer numbering of a limited edition of spirits or wines to convey premium value and scarcity, and tell a unique brand story. Print people’s names on beverage cans. Children’s art on juice containers. Have customers upload a photo and have it printed on their product.

The only limit is your imagination.