Digital printing makes it easier to compete in a world of high-impact graphics and high sku variety with lower volumes.

Nutraceutical, Vitamins & Supplements

Picture your local health food or sports nutrition store. The shelves are packed with bright colours and eye-popping text and images, all fighting for buyer attention. How do you compete?

Digital label and package printing gives you an edge in a world of high-impact graphics and high sku variety with lower volumes. Our labels and flexible packaging solutions are ideal for:

  • Health care packaging
  • Protein bars and energy balls
  • Small servings of protein powder
  • Single-serve powders (great for taking along to the gym)
  • Single-serve samples (introduce your product to athletes in race and event swag bags)
  • Labels for supplement bottles
  • Nutritional food bar wraps
  • Sports drink labels

Sports Nutrition

Digital printing is ideal for the bright, graphics-heavy product packaging that dominates this industry. Grab attention and build your brand with labels and flexible pouch, single-serve, sample pack and sports drink label options designed to appeal to the gym and athletics crowd.

Health Food

This premium market is all about how the product looks on-shelf. Too slick, and your key demographic won’t buy it. If it’s too “homemade” looking, on the other hand, it won’t appeal to a more general grocery audience, and you’ll be limiting your sales.

Differentiate your product with packaging and health food nutrition labels that appeal directly to your target audience. Printing options include eco-friendly materials, flexible packaging (which cuts down on your footprint by saving space and using less material), and barrier materials that keep contents fresh.