Cleaners and candles, soaps and shampoos. Whatever the product, your brand will only benefit from great packaging – especially if you’re positioning as a premium item.


Wrap your soap in an appealing design that builds your brand and communicate your benefits with premium, moisture-proof materials. For pump soaps, no-label looks convey clarity and purity, which is ideal when you have a product that’s positioned as natural or beauty-oriented.

Cleaners & Chemicals

Convey value, quality and more with chemical labels, cleaning product labels and flexible packaging that support your brand and protect your product.

Specialty label materials won’t deteriorate or peel, even if the chemical contents spill on them, ensuring that warning signs, instructions and safety info will always be available to the user – and your brand image lasts throughout the use of the product.


Selling candles is all about the look of the packaging. The candle label needs to convey quality, elegance and style.

Whether you’re thinking of a clear, minimalist cover that shows the purity of the white candle beneath, want to go with the simplicity of a small branded sticker, or are using lidding film on a filled glass container, count on us for candle label solutions that sell.