From food to beauty, nutraceuticals to manufacturing, we can create labels and flexible packaging for any company, in any industry, for every possible use. But no matter what industry you’re in, great packaging is an incredible opportunity to build your brand. It’s your point of differentiation and a crucial part of marketing.

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There’s no marketplace that’s more competitive than food. And if you’re going toe-to-toe with blue chip brands on the shelf, you should be spending your marketing budget on great packaging.


When you go to the store, how many different brands of iced tea do you see? How many different kinds of wine? It takes a lot to get noticed in this highly competitive market.


Cleaners and candles, soaps and shampoos. Whatever the product, your brand will only benefit from great packaging – especially if you’re positioning as a premium item.

Nutraceuticals, Vitamins and Supplements

Picture your local health food or sports nutrition store. The shelves are packed with bright coloured packaging and eye-popping imagery—all fighting
for consumer attention. Shake up the market and get noticed.

Personal Care and Beauty

When colour is critical and you’ve got a high number of skus, our HP Indigo WS6800 digital press offers the highest colour gamut in the industry, with unparalleled speed, precision and quality.

Whether you’re looking to create cosmetic labels, sample or travel packs, personal care packaging, skin care packaging or lotion labels, our solutions make an impact in the cluttered retail environment, enhancing your product and conveying beauty, quality and style with every sku.

General Manufacturing

We make specialized industrial and manufacturing labels that can withstand harsh environments (e.g. automotive) including exposure to the elements, and to chemicals and solvents.

Our industrial label printers can create solutions for product identification, bar codes, extreme temperatures, drum labels, tire adhesives, asset tags, as well as labels for low surface energy materials, plastics and painted metals.

Logistics & Distribution

Looking for a barcode label printing company? We do that – and more. Keep track of your products and operations with labels for everything from barcoded parts to racking locations in a warehouse.

Solutions include:

  • Shipping labels
  • Product ID labels
  • Retroreflective material (that can be scanned from up to 30 feet away)
  • Blank, thermal transfer and direct thermal labels
  • Laser printed label sheets
  • Barcode label printing


Capture customer attention and extend your brand with retail shelf labels, tags, garment tags, size labels, fabric friendly labels, destructible tags, proof of purchase, and more.