You have thousands of label and single-serve packaging options at your disposal – and we will help you choose the one that gets real results for your brand.

We can print on almost any material, from .5 mil film to 18pt paperboard for labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves and folding cartons. And we’ve got several decades’ experience providing innovative, well-priced packaging solutions to our clients, and it shows in our quality and creativity. If you can imagine it, we can print it.

  • We continuously upgrade our capabilities to reflect changing technology and your changing needs.
  • We develop press approvals and perform up to seven quality control checks for every order.
  • Our HP Indigo WS6800 digital press has the widest colour gamut on the market, with accuracy of up to 97% of PANTONE colours to meet the most stringent brand standards – without the traditional setup costs.
  • We use only premium-grade materials from the world’s top pressure-sensitive materials suppliers.
  • Our closed-loop control system evaluates multiple variables to constantly fine-tune, eliminating the need for manual colour calibrations and adjustments. You can be confident knowing you’re getting the same colour consistently throughout every run, today or next year.



For medium to long-run work, our best-in-class flexographic printing presses provide full automation for non-stop production and extreme precision.

Our automated plate mounting system lines everything up perfectly so there are no mistakes or misalignments, which can be an issue with manual mounting. Roll handling is also automated to ensure minimal error and maximum output, and skilled, experienced flexo press operators ensure every job is done right.

Our presses can easily be modified for large custom jobs, with capacity for additional colours and other customization options. Our cutting-edge equipment also includes an X-Rite device for unparalleled colour matching. Just let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

All our controls are ISO-level or better; although we don’t have official certification, you can count on the same quality without the high price point.

Digital printing provides high-res quality, consistency and an incredible capacity for customization or personalization. It’s a powerful tool that lets you surprise and delight customers – and change their expectations of what packaging can be.

Think soda cans with individual customer names on them. Beer labels with 100 different images in one . Digital is a way to make your products really stand out and get noticed. It’s also perfect for trial runs, presentation samples, and unlimited customization for different markets.

We have lots of ideas for making your products jump off the shelf – just ask us.


We’re only one of a handful of companies in the country using this press, which is the most advanced narrow-web solution on the market for premium labels and packaging production.


Part of HP’s best-in-class line, it can print smaller dots than any other printer. Liquid ElectroInk technology is the only process out there that can match gravure printing.


Meeting strict brand guidelines is easy. You get unparalleled colour control with up to seven ink stations, and the widest gamut on the market (97% of PANTONE colours). An inline spectrophotometer, with a closed loop colour monitoring system, saves time on colour calibration and profiles.


You can print on any substrate, from 0.5 mil film to 18pt paper board, with the flexibility to produce a remarkable range of pressure-sensitive labels, wrap-around labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons.


It’s the only digital press on the market that does priming inline, in a single process, which means time to market is faster; it can produce up to 40 linear metres per minute. And that means we can get rolls out as early as the next day where others take up to two weeks.



Your files are fully optimized for our print process using Esko Automation Engine, which allows for unparalleled consistency, speed and control.

And to ensure you get the best print quality possible, we provide comprehensive prepress advice and support. Our experts work with your designers on tooling, die cut, white inks, etc., and help them add any special decorative requests into your artwork including spot varnishing, raised textures, matte gloss, contrast and more.

Need your label, wrap or package designed from scratch? Tell us your vision for it: our creative team will bring it to life. If you don’t have in-house packaging design capabilities, or want something really different, talk to us.

Our team has years of experience creating standout labels for a wide range of industries. And it’s not just design experience – it’s marketing experience as well. We will sit down with you to understand your needs, and come up with a look that fits your brand, works with your budget, and gets your product noticed on-shelf.

Are you a small company or do you have a small budget?

Printing with us probably isn’t as expensive as you think. Because we produce high volumes, it reduces per-unit price pretty dramatically, and ends up being about the same price as printing your labels at home or at an office place, with much higher quality results.

Talk to us about your needs. We’re always happy to sit down with you and explore printing options.