05 Feb

2015’s labelling trends are shaping the outlook for 2016

New year; new you? If you’re considering a new look for your product’s packaging to kick off 2016, take a minute to look back at how 2015 unfolded. The labelling trends from this past year will have a direct impact on how you can improve your look for the year ahead.

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13 Jan

Battle of the brands: Let your product’s packaging be the equalizer

While small companies may not have the marketing dollars that large, established brands do, their products can still compete on a level playing field. How? When it comes to product packaging, it’s a head-to-head competition on store shelves and online. Although many business may see packaging as a cost to minimize, investing funds into what actually holds your product (i.e. the “silent salesperson”) might just be what edges your product ahead of its stiffest competitors.

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11 Dec

An overview – The Label Market

This month, Graphic Monthly published an article “An Overview: The Label Market” that focuses on the latest trends in the label market from the perspective of Canadian printers.  Along with industry colleagues, Jeff Sommer, VP Business Development at Lorpon Labels, spoke firsthand to the changes and strides being made in the industry.

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03 Nov

The Power of Variable Content

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using variable content in their marketing. For the uninitiated, variable content is a digital printing process that, in a single print run, inserts combinations of names, images and other information. The main benefit is creating something that has more meaning to a buyer.

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