Adhesives are the invisible yet essential partner in the labels and packaging industry. You’d think the topic is pretty straightforward—just slap the label on and be done with it, right? As it turns out, each industry has unique adhesive requirements and performance challenges. As an example, think about the tissue packaging that reseals after opening, or a frozen product that gets wet. Whatever your product and industry, we’ve got the know-how to help you achieve optimal adhesive performance.

Food labeling

Food labels present some of the most challenging conditions for packaging adhesives. Items might be frozen, wet, or greasy—a suitable adhesive needs to handle adverse conditions. From a style viewpoint, clear labels are a big current trend so adhesives must also maintain clarity, while paper or film labels have to conform to a variety of packing types and maintain shelf appeal. The biggest issue in food packaging is always going to be consumer safety—all adhesives must be approved for direct and indirect food contact.

Personal care

Many personal care products are packaged in squeezable or uniquely shaped containers. This, paired with the likely introduction of moisture, presents a challenge when it comes to adhesives. The right choice is the one that can withstand squeezing, water, and regular handling without forming creases or wrinkles.

Beverage labeling

As with food products, beverages might be stored in a variety of environments including dry, humid, wet, and freezing conditions. If the adhesive isn’t appropriate for the environment, the label face might flag, swell, or shrink.

Wine, spirit, and craft beverage labeling

As with other beverages, wines, spirits, and craft beers face adhesive challenges around moisture. In this segment, the best adhesive will survive an ice bucket without lifting, wrinkling, or creasing. For craft beers, there is demand for an adhesive with wash-off properties.

Industrial labeling 

Industrial products present unique challenges. The most effective adhesive will depend on the surface: How rough or smooth is it? Polar surfaces like metal, paints, and lacquers need different adhesives than non-polar surfaces like HDPE plastics. The eventual storage and transport of containers will also dictate the best adhesive.


Logistics labels can be expected to survive significant wear-and-tear during their relatively short lifespan. The best adhesive generally have good, low-temperature performance and strong adhesion properties on plastic and cardboard substrates.


The retail sector may be the simplest of all, generally calling for a general-purpose adhesive, though some cases—on textiles, for example—require dedicated products.

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