23 Feb

Label adhesive primer: When to use different types of adhesives

  • February 23, 2016
  • Blog

Deciding which adhesive to choose is a regular conversation that happens with our clients. Our approach involves diving deep to understand the unique requirements of each application. There are literally hundreds of adhesive formulas available on the market from various label stock suppliers, and our team is prepared with a series of questions to help narrow down the list. From there, we come up with a recommendation or a short list of label constructions that can be tested under end-use conditions. As each application is often unique, testing label constructions under the exact conditions they will be used is important. Read on to find out how our team determines the correct adhesive.
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05 Feb

2015’s labelling trends are shaping the outlook for 2016

New year; new you? If you’re considering a new look for your product’s packaging to kick off 2016, take a minute to look back at how 2015 unfolded. The labelling trends from this past year will have a direct impact on how you can improve your look for the year ahead.

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