26 Nov

Add some style to your label!

  • November 26, 2015
  • Blog

Today, consumers have so many choices and brands have unprecedented pressure to make their product own the crowded shelf.  So what makes a consumer pick up one product on the shelf over another, the so called “moment of truth”?  Right now differentiation is the buzz word brand owners’ use, and to achieve this they are relying on a variety of new inks and coating technologies to enhance the decoration of their packaging. There are a broad range of options for decoration, however, choosing which effect to use can be a challenge.  To help make sense of the options available, here are the top 3 most commonly leveraged.

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03 Nov

The Power of Variable Content

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using variable content in their marketing. For the uninitiated, variable content is a digital printing process that, in a single print run, inserts combinations of names, images and other information. The main benefit is creating something that has more meaning to a buyer.

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