05 Sep

Getting down into the details: What is label embellishment and decoration?

So what does “embellishment” really mean when it comes to labels? Well, it’s really just a fancy word that describes the enhancement of a printed label. The purpose of enhancing your label is to further engage the human senses, and have your design and products stand out on the retail shelf. The goal is for increased consumer interaction; to have people pick up and touch your product, stop and look at your product, and engage with your brand. At the end of the day the whole point is to #OwnTheShelf, increase your margins and sell more of your products.

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23 Mar

How to #OwnTheShelf in 2017 with innovative wine and spirit labels

As consumer purchasing in the wine and spirits industry continues to flourish, the season is ripe to ensure your bottles are the ones that #OwnTheShelf. At Lorpon Labels, we firmly believe that your package is the face of your product—your first (and often only) chance to make an impression. So, in addition to communicating clearly, reflecting your brand and having visual appeal, your packaging should also be on trend with the rest of the market. Being able to stand up against the stiffest competition is how you’ll come to own that shelf space. read more

31 Jan

Stand-out labels are key to setting yourself apart in 2017


As technology and the Internet continue to impact purchasing decisions and buyer behaviours, brands need to showcase their best self (on every shelf) now more than ever. In 2017, we predict that product packaging and labels will speak volumes, and will speak louder than ever before in order to stand out at every possible point of purchase.
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05 Aug

How your product’s packaging affects buyer behavior

Consider all the different mediums you use to market your products. Which one would you say is most effective? We might be slightly biased but, if you ask us, a product’s packaging is one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal. Why? In the average 30-minute visit to a grocery store, a shopper is exposed to more than 20,000 brands. And, amongst all that noise, you need to stand out as number one. Here, we’ll help you understand the most important packaging elements that can compel consumers to pick up your product versus your competitors’.

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05 Apr

The rise of single-serve, flexible packaging.

As you walk the aisles of your local grocery store or pharmacy, you’ll see single-serve packaging everywhere. From snacks (granola bars, cookies, crackers, trail mix and candy), to beverages (tea bags, coffee and drink crystals), cleaning products (laundry pods, dishwasher tabs and cleansing wipes) and even condiments (salt, pepper, salad dressing, cream and sugar). These single-serve items contain portion controlled, individually packaged items that offer a ready-to-eat or ready-to-use product for today’s busy consumer.

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05 Feb

2015’s labelling trends are shaping the outlook for 2016

New year; new you? If you’re considering a new look for your product’s packaging to kick off 2016, take a minute to look back at how 2015 unfolded. The labelling trends from this past year will have a direct impact on how you can improve your look for the year ahead.

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13 Jan

Battle of the brands: Let your product’s packaging be the equalizer

While small companies may not have the marketing dollars that large, established brands do, their products can still compete on a level playing field. How? When it comes to product packaging, it’s a head-to-head competition on store shelves and online. Although many business may see packaging as a cost to minimize, investing funds into what actually holds your product (i.e. the “silent salesperson”) might just be what edges your product ahead of its stiffest competitors.

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11 Dec

An overview – The Label Market

This month, Graphic Monthly published an article “An Overview: The Label Market” that focuses on the latest trends in the label market from the perspective of Canadian printers.  Along with industry colleagues, Jeff Sommer, VP Business Development at Lorpon Labels, spoke firsthand to the changes and strides being made in the industry.

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03 Nov

The Power of Variable Content

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using variable content in their marketing. For the uninitiated, variable content is a digital printing process that, in a single print run, inserts combinations of names, images and other information. The main benefit is creating something that has more meaning to a buyer.

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